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 Thai Cookery School



About Mama Noi’s

Thai Cookery School

in Chiang Mai

Learn about our half day cooking class, our evening cooking class and our private cooking class in Chiang Mai.

Since 2015,
Since 2015, Mama Noi’s Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School and Organic Farm have been redefining the culinary art experience. 

Learning how to cook is more than a lesson, it is about tapping into the passion that makes life so colourful and interesting.


The food we cook and the act of making it for people we care about are truly important characteristics that define us as people. That’s why learning more about the food itself is so important. 

Thai food has its own history and stories and learning about these things will make the food you prepare even more special. Not only do we want to tell you everything we can about the food but we also want to show you how we get our ingredients.

Mama Noi aims to provide a wide variety of choices of healthy and nutritious Thai cuisine. Mama Noi and her team also endeavour to share their knowledge and experience of culinary skills, arts and culture of Thailand with everyone. 

At Mama Noi Thai Cookery School, guests will enjoy cooking in a relaxing, refreshing and hygienic environment that is protected by a sun shed and surrounded by Mama Noi’s beautiful, organic, eco-farm garden. 

Mama Noi Cookery School has been designed with the guests in mind, and we ensure that sufficient space is available for all guests to feel comfortable and have enough room to do their cooking. Mama Noi guarantees that every guest will be satisfied with their cooking and have a memorable time while sharing experiences with Mama Noi and our friendly instructors.

Thai food is Thailand’s national treasure. It reflects the culture, environment, ingenuity and values of the country. According to Mama Noi (Founder of Mama Noi Thai Cookery School), culinary art is the key to communication among people from all over the world. If we can talk to people in one language, then food should certainly be that language. Showing everybody what Thailand is about through our food is one of Mama Noi’s central beliefs.


Mama Noi hopes that people around the world will understand and learn more about Thai traditions, arts and culture from her knowledge and passion for cooking. Besides that, Mama Noi also hopes that all guests will gain valuable cooking skills and take home memories of the joyful moments at Mama Noi Thai Cookery School to share with all their friends and family. Show everybody what you learned in Thailand and spread the love of Thai food all over the world!

The Founder - Mama Noi
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